Employment and training for displaced Ukrainians

Portugal must rise up to the national desire to host and integrate Ukrainian citizens, which also means their social and professional integration.

Accordingly, companies that are available to recruit Ukrainian citizens can fill out the following form: https://formularios.iefp.pt/index.php/983354?lang=pt

The Portuguese Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP, IP) will map out the Ukrainian citizens’ skills, the places of residence/hosting and the job offers available and will get in touch with the candidates if the profile matches that which a company is seeking.

When Ukrainian citizens that meet the requirements of the company for hiring are identified, the job offer is to be formalised with the IEFP, IP, so that they can access the assistance available.

Find out more about the eligible assistance on hiring for these cases:

 The IEFP, IP will also organise Portuguese Hosting Language courses for these citizens, who can be integrated in the company.