Protection to displaced Ukrainians

Hosting displaced Ukrainians

The Government has streamlined the requirements for displaced Ukrainians, who have fled the country due to the war, to obtain temporary one-year protection, which can be extended by two six-month periods. It is no longer necessary for the person to prove he or she is in danger and the proof of identity can be done in any way.

The Government is working together with the municipalities, civil society, private charities, and the Ukrainian community in Portugal to respond to housing needs.

Integrating displaced Ukrainians

The persons under temporary protection will have immediate access to a taxpayer, social security and national health service number, so they can have access at once to several services and the job market.

The Government is conducting a survey of job opportunities with companies, via a working group of the Portuguese Institute for Employment and Vocational Training to match job opportunities with Ukrainian citizens’ job profiles.


The identification of transportation needs or availability for people who were displaced from Ukraine to Portugal are to be reported to the following email:


To process international protection requests, the SEF – Borders and Immigration Service has created dedicated service desks that are exclusive to Ukrainian citizens. These desks operate at SEF branches throughout the country and at the National Centre to Support the Integration of Migrants network (CNAIM), from 08:30 to 20:00.

For the remaining documents, the Institute of Registries and Notary (IRN) has made available on its Justice Portal ( a page with the catalogue of services for Portuguese citizens and/or their Ukrainian families that are returning to Portugal, or who wish to leave from here.
The IRN will have 2 desks for in-person assistance dedicated to this situation:

  • Lisbon
    • Registo Civil de Lisboa
    • Address: Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, n.º 7-11, 1050-115 Lisbon
  • Porto
    • Registo Civil do Porto
    • Address: Palacete Pestanas, Rua Gonçalo Cristóvão, n.º 371, 4000-270 Porto

The IRN will also have a dedicated option for Portuguese people and their Ukrainian relatives on their service telephone line (211 950 500).

An online form will also be available, on the same Justice Portal page, where it will be possible to make requests.